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For high quality, property transforming house extensions in Pinner,  G&K is the company to call and the team to trust. We do a wide range of superb kitchen extensions, stunning house extensions and rear extensions, all done by our highly experienced extension builders across Pinner. We are happy to discuss tailor made house extensions for your Pinner home, each designed to deliver the results you want. 

When you work with us, you will soon appreciate that our house extensions in Pinner are built to provide much needed extra space and potential value added to your property. For all our house extensions in Pinner, we work closely with customers, and our extension builders in Pinner are dedicated to creating a space you will love. 

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Reasons why should you choose our House Extensions Services


On each and every one of our house extensions and kitchen extensions in Pinner, we are transparent with customers, keeping them in the know. Our extension builders in Pinner will be on site on time, and will timetable a schedule for all house extensions, including all the projects weekly targets, full payment schedules, and a full and thorough project plan created by our extension builders across Pinner.


From stylish and modernizing kitchen extensions to space transforming rear extension work in Pinner, keeping our clients informed is part of our commitment. For all house extensions, kitchen extensions and rear extensions in Pinner, we provide dedicated project coordinators, from the moment the first project plans are completed to the end of the work and signing off. All house extension projects in Pinner have a dedicated point person.

Carefully Managed

Our extension builders in Pinner are a truly dedicated and strong team of tradesmen. Each of them has done many house extensions, kitchen extensions and rear extension work. Our project coordinators experienced and trusted, offering polite and professional service to customers. For our house extensions in Pinner, your dedicated site foreman offers both experience and professionalism allowing each of our house extensions in Pinner to be expertly managed.

First-Class Service

A high level of safety and detail orientated work is guranteed for all our residential house extensions in Pinner. As well as creating a stunning structure for our house extensions and kitchen extensions in Pinner, we work towards the creation of beautiful and space transforming styles. Each of our extension builders in Pinner is dedicated and professional, satisfied only with first class service and high quality results.


We are a relatively small house extensions company based in Pinner, so our word of mouth recommendations and reviews matter a lot to us. Our extension builders in Pinner work hard to ensure that customers are satisfied, every time, which will encourage them to talk about our kitchen extensions, rear extensions, and other house extensions to their friends, family, and colleagues. It’s this kind of positive feedback that is helping our reputation grow, and letting more and more people see how great our house extensions in Pinner really are.

Reliable and Detail

Our reliable reputation when it comes to house extensions in Pinner is underpinned by our many years of industry experience. It is this history and experience that guarantees that our extension builders in Pinner deliver reliability, and the attention to detail that is so important to our results. Whether two-storey house extensions or spacious kitchen extensions in Pinner homes, our experienced project management team will keep you informed and ensure each stage of the project runs smoothly.

What should you know about House Extension Cost in Pinner

If you are considering one of our quality house extensions in your Pinner home,  side return house extensions should be considered as a less expensive option than single-storey, offering great value for money, and available for a more modest budget than a wraparound or one of our double-storey home extensions in Pinner. 

Each of our house extensions in Pinner, including stunning kitchen extensions and space transforming rear extensions, your budget will be determined by many things. From your personal style preferences to the property size and planning permission, our house extensions in Pinner are bespoke to the needs of your individual home.  

At G&K, we believe that your budget should always be our priority, as we try to maximise your house extensions in Pinner within that budget. Using their experience, our extension builders in Pinner will create a bespoke project plan, use money wisely on materials, and for all our house extensions we give the customer a timeline and plan that details costs and savings. This professional approach sets G&K above our competitors and allows our house extensions and kitchen extensions in Pinner to deliver style and results that customers love. 

Who We Are

Our house extensions in Pinner are trusted by customers thanks to our team of experienced chartered architects. Their years of industry experience when it comes to kitchen extensions in Pinner is showcased in the modern house extensions they deliver. Always in collaboration with local authorities, our extension builders in Pinner ensure that the work is done on time, with all necessary approvals. For house extensions and kitchen extensions in Pinner, our approach is simple: give customers the best results and create superb spaces.

How We Work

Starting with an on-site visit from our team, all our house extensions and kitchen extensions in Pinner are designed around client requirements and delivering the results they deserve. From modernizing kitchen extensions in older Pinner homes, to rear extension work in Pinner terraces, you will receive detailed project plans, drawings, and everything you need to know.Contact G&K today for a free, no-commitment consultation on all house extensions in Pinner.

Advantages of House Extensions Pinner with G&K Best Extension Builders

Needing more space in your home is something more and more people are experiencing, which is why house extensions in Pinner are more popular than ever. At G&K, we know that house extensions can make all the difference, allowing people to stay in the homes they love and avoid all the stress, hassle, cost and upheaval that is inevitably caused by a house move. 

Whether it’s one of our stunning kitchen extensions in your Pinner townhouse, designed to transform the heart of your home and deliver a sleek entertaining space, or a rear extension in your Pinner terrace, allowing you to work from home with much more ease, with a quiet space that you can use to get your work done, we are on hand to make it happen.

As experts when it comes to designing and building home extensions for Pinner homeowners, we work closely with each customer to understand what they require, what they want, and how to achieve it. 

Our house extensions in Pinner set industry standards, and are guaranteed to deliver quality results that match your exact specifications, ensuring customer satisfaction every time. 

For many, a house extension is about creating a new bedroom for a growing family, for others, house extensions at their Pinner home is to enable them to have more room for kids to play or parents to work, either way, they transform the way people live and are more affordable than moving. 

We use quality materials and create some of the finest house extensions in Pinner, so contact us today for kitchen extensions, a rear extension, or whatever house extension you need at your Pinner property.

House Extensions Types in Pinner

When it comes to house extensions in Pinner, a single extension is often seen as a  popular choice. In terms of home extensions, a single extension can be open to many design styles. Additionally, a single-storey rear extension on your Pinner property can be used to create new space or add to existing ones, great solutions in both cases. 

Some people think house extensions on their Pinner property should be single storey, but a double-storey extension can be a better solution for those who want to add space to existing bedrooms or even create a stunning new master suite.

A wrap around os one of the increasingly popular house extensions in Pinner. These home extensions are ideal for customers who want to construct an extension that wraps around two sides of their property, namely the rear and the side, hence creating an L-shaped extension that delivers a whole new space. 

Of all the house extensions in Pinner, a side-return is the one that best utilises the space between the rooms at the rear of your home and your boundary fence. Whether it is to create a kitchen extension or an extra study room, this is often one of the home extensions that creates slightly less space, but represents a cost effective option for homeowners.

Are you considering home extension in your pinner property? Call us!

When you are thinking about upgrading and improving your living space and taking your home to the next level, house extensions in Pinner properties can be the ideal solution. Not only do house extensions such as kitchen extensions add value to your property when you decide to sell, things such as a rear extension on your Pinner home can add valuable room, without planning permission, but G&K Building Construction can help you sort that out. 

Moving home can be expensive and stressful, something that makes house extensions in Pinner an attractive option.. From gorgeous, spacious kitchen extensions in Pinner houses to a rear extension for home  working, extending your property can produce a lot of benefits and transform the way you live and work, as our extension builders can explain. 

From start to finish, from design to sign off at completion, our extension builders and house extensions teams in Pinner are on hand to help and deliver. We always  work closely with our clients to ensure that all our kitchen extensions, rear extensions, and all kinds of house extensions in Pinner are precisely built to exact specifications, designed to create the space you truly desire. 

Our house extensions team in Pinner boasts many years of industry experience and our extension builders in Pinner are guaranteed to help you get the house extension you want, so contact G&K Building Construction Ltd. today for house extensions of all kinds.

House Extensions, Pinner:
Choosing The Right Home Extensions

There are several factors that determine what house extensions Pinner homeowners choose when they are extending their property, which include:

Local Area
Whether home extensions in Pinner are subject to planning restrictions
All home extensions in Pinner can be affected by neighbouring properties and access
From rear extensions to kitchens extensions, budgets determine house extension in Pinner
When it comes to doing house extensions in Pinner, the timing and schedules are crucial

With our free consultations, G&K offers you the chance to have our extension builders visit your property and outline your options to discuss your house extensions options in Pinner. From design to planning, local authority paperwork to completion, our house extensions team in Pinner will help you navigate the entire process.