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G&K House Extensions Ruislip & Other Suburbs - Best Extension Builders
We provide professional Kitchen Extensions, Loft & Rear Extension across Ruislip

When it comes to house extensions in Ruislip, G&K are London’s premier name. Our kitchen extensions, house extensions and side return extensions are all done by our team of specialist extension builders in Ruislip. Our wide range of options for bespoke house extensions in Ruislip are designed to expand your space and bring new life into your home.  

With one of our house extensions in Ruislip, you’ll have more room, and added value on your property. All our home extensions in Ruislip are designed with customers in mind, and our experienced home extension builders in Ruislip will work to get the job done on time, every time.

G&K - Professional Kitchen & Rear Extensions
Reasons why should you choose our House Extensions Services across Ruislip


When it comes to our house extensions in Ruislip, the key to our strong working relationship is transparency. We always provide a full schedule of works, full project weekly targets, all correlated to payments, making it clear what to expect from our extension builders in Ruislip.


Whether it’s kitchen extensions or a rear extension we are doing in Ruislip, we communicate clearly with our clients. Project coordinators are assigned when first draft plans are produced, who will work with you right through to the completion of your home extension work in Ruislip. They will be your main point of contact throughout the process.

Carefully Managed

We have worked hard to build a strong workforce working on all our house extensions in Ruislip. Our project coordinators are articulate, organised and approachable, whilst our site foremen are experienced and reliable, making all our home extensions in Ruislip carefully managed.

First-Class Service

For all house extensions in Ruislip, residential building work requires a high level of attention to detail. For us, creating a great structure is fine, but we want the aesthetics to be stunning and attention grabbing. All our extension builders in Ruislip take pride in their plastering, brickwork, rendering and roofing so that our product has a distinct feel that is reflected across all of our projects.


As a small house extensions business in Ruislip, we rely on recommendations; we want all our customers to be satisfied, and for them to tell their friends and family about the positive experience they have had with us, whether kitchen extensions, a rear extension or any of our home extensions in Ruislip. Client feedback is critical for us, allowing us to make our house extension service in Ruislip even better.

Reliable and Detail

Our years of industry of experience ensure that our extension builders in Ruislip are both reliable and detail orientated for every project. All our home extensions in Ruislip are led by experienced project management teams, while adding value at every stage of the process from design to completion.

What should you know about House Extension Cost in Ruislip

When it comes to house extensions in Ruislip, side return house extensions are often the less expensive option than single-storey ones, and also less expensive than a wraparound or double-storey home extensions in Ruislip.

For all house extensions in Ruislip, whether kitchen extensions or a rear extension, cost is directly related to taste, the size of your property, planning permissions,  planning authority and the scale of your dream home extensions vision. 

With G&K house extensions in Ruislip, you can trust us with your budget, and trust us to maximise it.  Cost of materials. planning hours, project timelines, our extension builders in Ruislip will build to a tight project plan, we will always look to maximise value and lower costs. With this unique approach, our home extensions in Ruislip are guranteed to deliver style, and impress our customers every time.

That’s the G&K promise.


Who We Are

Our team of experienced chartered architects have extensive experience working in kitchen extensions for Ruislip customers,  and years of experience when it comes to building modern home extensions on Ruislip properties. 

Working closely with the appropriate  local Planning Authorities, our extension builders in Ruislip take pride in getting approvals in a timely manner, taking the stress out of the process. At G&K , our approach to house extensions in Ruislip helps us to deliver the finest results transforming your home extension ideas into stunning spaces.

How We Work

Our house extensions in Ruislip start with a pre-project on-site visit, where we learn about your vision, analyse the space we are working with, and get a feel for the kind of home extension our customer wants. Whether kitchen extensions or a rear extension, our Ruislip team provides detailed plans and sketches, helping you design your perfect vision before our extension builders create it. 

For a free, no-commitment consultation on all house extensions in Ruislip, contact us today.

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Advantages of House Extensions Ruislip with G&K Best Extension Builders

If you need more space in Ruislip, house extensions can offer a genuine solution, avoiding the hassle and cost that a move would inevitably cause.
The time and trouble it takes to move, from mortgage arrangement to finding a buyer, to stamp duty and legal costs, makes home extensions in Ruislip a more attractive option for many homeowners who need more space. From kitchen extensions in Ruislip terraces to a rear extension in a Ruislip townhouse, the solutions are there. 
At G& K Building, we know all about house extensions in Ruislip, and how a well-planned extension can help homeowners avoid problems such as finding a larger property, arranging a home loan, or being forced to move when you’d rather stay in your home. 

Whether it’s a rear extension or side extension at Ruislip homes, the benefits are many: adding value to your property in a steady housing market, giving more light and space, giving your home a new lease of life. One of our house extensions at your Ruislip home could give you more entertainment space, or provide your kids plenty of room to have fun. 

As well as all this, for example, one of our light, airy kitchen extensions in Ruislip could totally transform your living space,  and this extra room could even incorporate a pitched roof or flat roof option. House extensions in Ruislip that have pitched roofing will enjoy more attic space, where flat roofing is more economical in terms of construction and materials. Contact us today to discuss the advantage of house extensions in Ruislip.

House Extensions Ruislip
Do you need to generate extra living space?

When it comes to improving your living space and taking your home to the next level, house extensions in Ruislip properties do just that. As well as adding value to your home when you decide to sell, home extensions in Ruislip add a valuable room, usually without the need for extra planning permissions, though that should always be checked beforehand, and our team at G&K Building Construction Ltd. will be glad to advise. 

We all know that moving home can be expensive and stressful, which is why house extensions in Ruislip offer such a great alternative. From stunning kitchen extensions in Ruislip townhouses to home office creating rear extensions in Ruislip terraces, extending your home can offer a range of benefits and transform the way you live and work. 

As soon as you decide that one of our house extensions in Ruislip is what you want, we are here to help you from start to finish, from design to sign off at completion. We work closely with customers to make kitchen extensions, rear extensions, and all kinds of house extensions in Ruislip exactly how our customers want them, creating warm, welcoming and space transforming results every time. 

Our years of industry experience and a team of talented extension builders in Ruislip are guaranteed to help you get the house extension you want, so contact G&K Building Construction Ltd. today.

What Types of House Extensions Ruislip Exist?


For house extensions in Ruislip, a single extension is often the most popular choice. A single extension is one of the home extensions that is open to many design styles, and a single-storey rear extension on your Ruislip home can either create a new room or extend an existing one.


When it comes to home extensions for Ruislip properties, why just expand downstairs? A double-storey extension can add space to bedrooms, create a stunning new master, an en suite or a dressing room.


This is one of the house extensions Ruislip customers want to get an extension that wraps around two sides of their property – rear and side, to create an L-shaped extension for even more space.


A side-return utilises space between your rear rooms and your boundary fence, to extend a lounge or kitchen/dining room, another of the popular options for home extensions in Ruislip, usually a smaller, but more cost-effective option for homeowners.

G&K House Extensions Ruislip Process
Check step by step how our Extension Builders Work!

Site Visit

At G&K, all our house extensions in Ruislip start with an on-site visit. Our extension builders and teams of experts assess the land, survey the scale of the work, and ensure that all our home extensions in Ruislip are planned down to the finest of details.

Our extension builders in Ruislip use the assessment from this on-site visit to guide the entire project, from kitchen extensions to a rear extension, the plan is our guide, the results our focus. Using an on-site visit to create a project plan ensures that all our house extensions in Ruislip are meticulously thought out and guaranteed to deliver top results.

Vision Brief and Budgeting

We know that house extensions and kitchen extensions in Ruislip are based on the vision of our customers, and the budget they have to work with. Our extension builders in Ruislip will always work closely with clients to ensure that their project vision is clear to us before we start, and always in the focus as they build.

Whether it’s stylish kitchen extensions in Ruislip terraces, or a rear extension in a Ruislip townhouse, we will seek to create the space and room you want, while keeping within the budget that we know is important for your peace of mind.

Design and Planning

All house extensions in Ruislip need both a careful and professional design, as well as all the appropriate planning permissions, all before our extension builders can get on site to start the work.

For many of our kitchen extensions in Ruislip, as well as our rear extension projects, planning is key, and the design element needs to be clear and finalised before the work starts. When the design and planning is done, our extension builders in Ruislip will stick closely to both design and plan details, keeping customers informed at every stage, and building home extensions that our Ruislip customers can’t fail to love. With house extensions in Ruislip, we take design and planning seriously, every time.

Free Estimate

When the time comes to think about house extensions for your Ruislip property, contact G&K for a free, no-commitment estimate to get the ball rolling. Our house extension options include kitchen extensions and rear extensions for Ruislip customers, and we always start with a free estimate to give you a real idea of what you vision would cost to create.

Our expert extension builders in Ruislip will assess your home, review what house extensions you want, and create a bespoke price and free estimate for all the work discussed. Hassle free, no-commitments, contact us today for free estimates on home extensions in Ruislip.


At G&K we have a team of highly qualified and dedicated extension builders in Ruislip, working hard to deliver the results customers want, and ensuring that they keep on time, and on budget. All our home extensions in Ruislip ensure that the build is done with minimum stress, and completed to the highest industry standards, without exception.

Working closely with each customer, whether kitchen extensions or a rear extension job, our Ruislip teams will be on site each day, working at a time that suits our customers, and making sure that they cause minimum disruption while delivering maximum results.

Completion and handover

With all our house extensions and home extensions in Ruislip, we are never happy to sign off on work until our customers are completely satisfied with the results. Our extension builders in Ruislip will ensure that the finished projects meets both safety standards and customer requirements, and that completion is on time and on budget.

When our house extensions in Ruislip our down, we do a final check with the customer, and the handover is only ever truly complete when the customer signs off on all our work. From start to finish of all our home extensions in Ruisl

Things you should know about House Extensions Ruislip
before your first Extension need!

When it comes to doing house extensions in Ruislips, planning is critical. WIth customers wanting house extensions, kitchen extensions and rear extension work in Ruislip for many reasons, it is important to consider everything carefully. 

From increasing living space with a rear extension on your Ruislip terrace house, to kitchen extensions to create glorious family and entertainment spaces, the cost of home extensions in Ruislip could be a better option than the price and hassle of moving completely, which involved tax, stamp duty and many other unavoidable costs. 

Home extensions in Ruislip can not only give extra living space, they can add value to your home. Whether kitchen extensions or a rear extension in Ruislip, we always advise customers to set a realistic budget, and with the help of our architects, we can carefully craft house extensions that stay within that budget, but also deliver ideal solutions. 

With changing development rights that can be  confusing, our home extensions experts in Ruislip are on hand to guide you through everything you need to know and what you can expect. For home extensions in Ruislip that need to dig foundations close to the property boundary, complying with the Party Wall Act is essential. 

With home extensions in Ruislip, your neighbours cannot prevent you from building up to or on the boundary, but having a polite discussion about access to their land to do so is never a bad idea. 

For kitchen extensions in your Ruislip home to a rear extension or two storey home extension,or home extensions that are bespoke for your requirements, contact our Ruislip team today, and let us take the stress and strain before you enjoy the process and the results.


One of our stunning house extensions on your Ruislip home is a great way to add some value to your home as well as much needed space. At G&K Building Construction Ltd, we work closely with customers to build home extensions that are designed to meet your bespoke requirements and maximize the space in your home. From kitchen extensions to a spacious rear extension, our Ruislip team can deliver what you want. 

Creating the Space your Family Needs

With growing families comes the need for more space, which is why our house extensions in Ruislip are designed to maximize your home and deliver the space your family needs. Instead of the stress and cost of moving, home extensions in Ruislip properties will let you stay in your home while transforming the space and how you live.

Expanding Space in your Home

Our fixed price, guaranteed schedule house extensions in Ruislip will transform your home and expand your space, so contact G&K today for a free consultation. 

House Extensions, Ruislip:
Choosing The Right Home Extensions

For house extensions in Ruislip, factors that determine what homeowners go for are numerous, and include:

Local Area
Are home extensions in Ruislip subject to limitations or planning restrictions
Home extensions in Ruislip can be affected by neighbouring properties and access
Kitchen extensions to rear extensions, Ruislip home extensions are often budget driven.
Timing and schedules can be critical for house extensions work in Ruislip.

At G&K we offer house extensions customers in Ruislip a free consultation service where our extension builders visit your property and outline your options. From design to planning, local authority paperwork to completion, our house extensions team in Ruislip has you covered.

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