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Leading the way and delivering results, that is what G&K is known for when it comes to house extensions in High Wycombe. Our team of talented extension builders across High Wycombe consistently create kitchen extensions, house extensions and side return extensions that customers simply love. Our experience allows us to design and build an excellent range of tailor-made house extensions for our High Wycombe clients, each creating much needed space and transforming your home. As well as this, our kitchen extensions and rear extension in High Wycombe can add value to your property and give you the space to live the lifestyle you want, every time. 

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Reasons why should you choose our House Extensions Services


Each of our house extensions in High Wycombe is done with a clear and open relationship between us and our client. We offer project transparency at every stage of the work, with our kitchen extensions and house extension clients in High Wycombe receiving a complete time schedule for all the work, detailed and clear weekly targets, payment timings and all they need to know from our extension builders in High Wycombe.


From high quality kitchen extensions to gorgeous and home transforming rear extensions in High Wycombe homes, liaising with our clients is key. Our experienced project coordinators oversee all house extensions in High Wycombe, sharing our first draft plannings and all project related documents with our customers, giving a dedicated point person for all house extension projects in High Wycombe.

Carefully Managed

Our dedicated and safety conscious extension builders in High Wycombe are committed to managing your project well. Each of our house extensions and kitchen extensions in High Wycombe properties are overseen by dedicated project coordinators who offer clear, customer focused information at all times, making all our house extensions in High Wycombe managed well.

First-Class Service

Whether full house extensions on High Wycombe townhouses, or a rear extension on a High Wycombe terraced home, all residential building work requires consistent attention to detail. At G&K our house extensions in High Wycombe are done to combine structural strength and aesthetic beauty.


G&K is a small house extensions company serving High Wycombe. Whether it is our modern, sleek kitchen extensions in High Wycombe homes, or the rear extension work we do for High Wycombe clients, we want our work to be so good that people recommend us to their friends, colleagues and family members.

Reliable and Detail

G&K offers the value of years of industry of experience building kitchen extensions, rear extensions, and all kinds of house extensions in High Wycombe. Our team of extension builders in High Wycombe are always reliable and focused on the finer details of your project. We assign a project manager for all our house extensions in HIgh Wycombe, keeping customers informed from start to finish.

What should you know about cost House Extension High Wycombe?

For many homeowners, the cost of house extensions at their High Wycombe home is the deciding factor. Our extension builders know that side return house extensions can be a less expensive option, where single-storey or wraparounds are more pricey. 

Regardless of whether you are looking at our kitchen extensions, a rear extension, or a two story house extension for your High Wycombe property, the cost is determined by factors including property size, planning permissions, and just how much space and style you want in the new extension. 

When you decide to use G&K for your house extensions in High Wycombe, you can rest assured that we will work within your budget and use your money wisely. From using the best value material suppliers to planning the project in the most time effective manner, your kitchen extensions and all other house extensions are done in a way that really does get you the most for your money. 

Put simply, our house extensions in High Wycombe are built to last and designed to impress. 


Who We Are

Each of our house extensions at High Wycombe homes are done with the expertise of our chartered architects, bringing invaluable experience to kitchen extensions and rear extensions, every time. Each project is different, so we always do house extensions in High Wycombe in close collaboration with local planning Authorities, and our extension builders in High Wycombe will also keep you informed at all stages.

How We Work

Starting with the all important on-site visit, our kitchen extensions and  house extensions in High Wycombe are always built around what the customer wants and the vision that they bring to us to deliver. From space maximising to style creating, we will create that perfect rear extension, the stylish kitchen extension, and house extensions in High Wycombe that never fail to impress, that’s how we work. Contact G&K today for a  free, no-commitment consultation for kitchen extensions or house extensions in High Wycombe. 

Advantages of House Extensions High Wycombe with G&K Best Extension Builders High Wycombe

When it comes to needing more space in your home, house extensions in High Wycombe properties can provide the solution you need, without the stress and cost of moving home. 

From time to mortgage arrangements, putting your home on the market to securing a buyer, not to mention stamp duty and legal fees, moving home costs, which is why home extensions in High Wycombe are increasingly popular ways to avoid all that while transforming your existing home. 

From stunning kitchen extensions in High Wycombe townhouses to a rear extension in your High Wycombe terrace, making the best of your property is possible and affordable. With years of invaluable industry experience, and a talented team of house extension builders on hand to help, we G&K is here to get you the extension you have always wanted, meaning you can stay in the home you love. 

Over the years, we have done many house extensions across High Wycombe. From rear extension work that provides that all important home office space, to kitchen extensions in High Wycombe family homes that transform the heart of your home and create stunning entertainment spaces, we have brought new life to many properties, with customer satisfaction our end goal every time. 
Getting extra space in your home is something that people value now more than ever, which is why house extensions in High Wycombe are so important to homeowners. From rear extension work to kitchen extensions, our extension builders work closely with High Wycombe customers to deliver the home they always wanted. 

Contact G&K for all your house extensions inquiries in High Wycombe.

Types of House Extensions in High Wycombe

In terms of house extension in High Wycombe, a single extension is often the most popular solution for homeowners. One of the advantages of a single story extension is that it is open to many different design styles and is able to add extra room to existing spaces, or create an entirely new space as per your preference. 

Some people decide to do home extensions in their High Wycombe property that are only downstairs, but there are many occasions when we advise a double storey extension to make so much more room. When you do one of these house extensions, you can create a stunning new master bedroom suite, an office space, or even new entertainment rooms for your family. 

These house extensions, as the name suggests, wrap around two sides of properties, the rear and side. In doing so, they create an L-shaped extension that delivers even more space for homeowners to enjoy.

One of the most popular house extensions in High Wycombe, a side-return utilises the often unused space between your rear rooms and your boundary fence, and can be used to extend a lounge or kitchen/dining room. It can be used as a kitchen extension and although it does not deliver as much room as some other house extensions, it is a cost-effective choice.

We can add value to your property through house extension High Wycombe

When you think the time has come to drastically improve your living space and make your home even more spacious and special, house extensions in High Wycombe is the way forward. 

From kitchen extensions to a rear extension, house extensions in High Wycombe do two things, they add value to your home when you decide to sell, and provide extra and always valuable room for you to enjoy. With regard to house extensions needing planning permission, you should always check beforehand, something the house extensions team at  G&K Building Construction Ltd. can help with.
It is well known that the process of moving home can be expensive and stressful in the extreme. For this reason alone, house extensions in High Wycombe represent a really great option and alternative for people looking for more space without the move. 
Over the years, we have done stunning kitchen extensions in High Wycombe townhouses, rear extension work in High Wycombe terraces and a range of other house extensions that have extended homes and offered a range of benefits and transformed the way people live and, these days, often work from home. 

From start to finish, from design to sign off at completion, our house extensions team in High Wycombe will be there to support and advise you, and we always work closely with customers to make kitchen extensions, rear extensions just as requested and required. 

Contact G&K Building Construction Ltd. today to enjoy the results of our house extensions experience.

House Extensions, High Wycombe:
Choosing The Right Home Extensions

There are many issues that impact what house extensions High Wycombe homeowners choose when they are extending property, which include:

Local Area
Knowing whether house extensions in High Wycombe are subject to local planning restrictions
House extensions in High Wycombe can be affected by neighbouring properties or access
From rear extensions to kitchens extensions, personal budgets determine house extension decisions in High Wycombe
When it comes to home extensions in Pinner, the timing and schedules are crucial to the project success.

G&K offers free extensions to all our house extensions clients, giving you the chance to have our extension builders visit your property and outline your options to discuss your house extensions options in Pinner. From design to planning, local authority paperwork to completion, our house extensions team in Pinner will help you navigate the process.